Aims and Objectives:-

A nurse on completion of this course will be able to:-
Demonstrate competency in providing health care to individual, sick or well using nursing process.

  • Assess the nursing need of client from Birth to death
  • Plan and carry out appropriate action to meet nursing need.
  • Provide effective nursing care for maintaining best possible level of health in all aspects.
  • Promote self care among people under their assistance only.
  • Apply problem teaching in nursing practice the knowledge of human relation and communication skill in work.
  • Participate as member of the health team in delivery of curative, promotive and rehabilitative health care services.
  • Mobilize community resources and their involvement in working community.
  • Demonstrate use of ethical values in their personal Development 
  • Recognize the need for continuing education for professional development.
  • Demonstrate basic kills in teaching patient ad giving nursing care to provide quality of care to the patient.
  • Work as Assistant in various Activities of research program.  

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